3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Hearing Aid


Modern Digital hearing aids are designed to amplify sound in a way that is comfortable and customized to the exact auditory specifications of the wearer. Many brands on the market offer superior technology, wifi capabilities, and even artificial intelligence that learns your volume preferences. If you suffer from hearing loss, a hearing aid will not only help you process sound better, it can even aid brain function and improve your interpersonal relationships.

Here are three ways you can get the most out of your hearing aid:

Invest in The Right Accessories

Keep a spare set of batteries on hand at all times. There are plenty of convenient battery-holders or caddies on the market that can be attached to a keychain or slipped into a wallet. Carrying them around will reduce the risk of finding yourself out on the road with a hearing aid that’s out of juice. Increase the shelf life of your new hearing aid with perspiring absorbers that keep moisture away from the hearing aid. This accessory is useful for athletic users or anyone who spends time outdoors.

Invest in A Hearing Aid with Tinnitus Therapy

Damage in the ear and the auditory system sometimes leads to tinnitus, a sensorineural reaction in the brain. It presents as buzzing, humming or ringing in the ears without an external stimulus. Given that tinnitus often accompanies hearing loss, hearing aid manufacturers have built features that help with tinnitus therapy. Look for this feature in your hearing aid. The therapy produces soothing sounds to retrain your brain. You can listen to these sounds with your hearing aid microphones or even independent of them.

Get a Hearing Aid Remote Control

Hearing aid remote controls will help you avoid the awkward move of fumbling with or adjusting controls mid-conversation with someone. They are small gadgets that adjust settings on features (speech recognition, directionality, etc.) and change the volume. If you’re looking for something even more discrete, some models can hook up to smartphones allowing you to control settings from a downloaded app. A remote control is often small enough to fit on a keychain and ensures that you don’t ever have to fumble with the tiny controls and components of the hearing aid while it is in your ear.