5 Important Things to Consider Before Buying a New Smartphone


For most people today, their smartphone is almost an extension of themselves and something that they always have with them. With options available in all shapes and sizes with a range of functionality for every type of user, it can be overwhelming to decide which option to go for.

Here are 5 important factors to consider before purchasing your next smartphone:

Mobile Carrier

Major mobile carriers not only provide all-inclusive packages with data, calls, and SMS but also offer some amazing offers on cell phone purchases. Check the various offers available on the major mobile carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile before deciding on the perfect option for you.

Operating System

In the case that you are going for an Android-based device, keep in mind that there are numerous versions of the Google software, each offering its own set of unique features and functions. Usually, it’s a good idea to get the latest Android versions available while avoiding outdated versions to avoid compatibility issues.

Functionality and Design

While personal taste does play a major role, the functionality and design of your preferred smartphone are intertwined. In some cases design elements can prevent you from using features such as a MicroSD card or a headphone jack. Make sure that the features you are looking for are not compromised in the smartphone of your choice.


One of the most important features of your mobile phone determining the user experience is the display. Make sure to select an option with a size of at least 5.7 inches for an optimal experience. In terms of the display technology, there are two main options, LCD and AMOLED with LCD displays being brighter in direct sunlight and AMOLED displays offering more contrast and improved saturation levels.

Technical Specifications

The technical specifications of your smartphone greatly determine your overall experience. Make sure to select an option with sufficient RAM and processor capability for your usage and check the available internal storage taking into account the space taken up by preinstalled apps. Getting a smartphone with sufficient battery life is also crucial, and it is advisable to check the reviews versus the raw mAh amount as different smartphones optimize their battery life differently. Lastly, check the camera quality and features, with possibly an in-store trial of the camera.