5 Ways in Which 5G Is Going to Change the World


5G is all set to radically transform the technology landscape, with some degree of impact on almost all industries. The first devices incorporating the technology are all set to be rolled out shortly by industry leaders including Qualcomm and Huawei.

Here are 5 major advancements that we can expect in the coming years

Smart Factories

With the manufacturing industry investing the most in IoT, 5G will allow for exponential integration of the entire manufacturing process, with instant connectivity across the entire process of product development. Be it real-time feedback from customers to designers, to product relocation based on demand to real-time user interfaces for customers showing the inventory available at their favorite store.

Mixed Reality

Virtual and augmented reality have had massive development over the past few years, with the bottleneck being the requirement for large data transmission speeds for real-time processing. With 5G connectivity, we are likely to see real-world applications of mixed reality, for all sorts of applications in our day to day life.

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles have been in development for some time now. While there may be other hurdles that this technology may have to face, 5G connectivity could hold the key to its evolution. This is because 5G is the only technology fast enough for machines to mimic human reflexes adding tremendously to the safety of autonomous vehicles.

Smart Cities

Smart cities are the need of the hour with optimized usage of resources and services providing benefits for all the involved parties, be it the government, private enterprise, or the citizens. Although certain improvements have already been assimilated such as smart parking lots, and automated streetlights, 5G connectivity with its speed and bandwidth is going to be a game-changer, allowing for massive deployment of IoT across multiple sectors, all connected and controlled on networks that respond real-time, such as the electric grid or sanitation.

Edge Computing

While most of us know about cloud computing, little have we heard of the impact of edge computing. Allowing for data to be processed and stored closer to where it is required using edge nodes, edge computing allows for the optimal performance of IoT devices. Especially when large numbers of them are deployed with each generating massive amounts of data. This is where 5G connectivity comes into the picture, propelling the technology with its high speed and bandwidth.