How to Choose a Mattress That’s Just Right For You


Choosing a new mattress is no easy task, especially given that the mattress you choose will need to serve you well for many years to come. And, it doesn’t help that there are numerous options and manufacturers to choose from. Given this, we’ve listed what you need to take into consideration to choose the right type of mattress. 

The Lifespan of The Mattress

Different types of mattresses have varying lifespans, and most people will usually replace their mattresses after seven to eight years. However, how often you’ll need to replace a mattress depends on what type it is and the quality of the material. If you want your mattress to last you at least 10 years, if not more, it’s a good idea to purchase a hybrid, memory foam, or latex mattress. 

Have a Budget in Mind

Don’t buy a mattress solely because it is inexpensively priced. Cheaper mattress will likely not be very durable and won’t give you the best sleep quality. Similarly, expensive mattresses don’t automatically ensure better quality. For a queen-sized mattress, you may want to stick to a $1,000 budget. You may have to pay a few hundred more for a larger mattress. 

Choose the Right Type and Material

Before you choose a particular type of mattress, make sure to read reviews about it and test it out. You can find reviews online by doing a quick search on the Internet. 

Determine Your Ideal Choice of Firmness

Mattresses can have varying degrees of firmness – very firm, medium-firm, medium, soft, and very soft. If your mattress is extremely soft, there is a chance your body could sink against it and cause back pain. In comparison, not everyone may feel comfortable sleeping on an extremely firm mattress. So, make sure to assess your sleeping position and determine how firm you would like the mattress to be. 

Consider Your Weight

Your weight actually has a lot to do when it comes to choosing a mattress. For instance, the support, feel, hug, cooling, and sinkage depends on your body weight. Also, there’s no mattress that’s right for all of us. So, you should decide how firm the mattress will need to be based on your body weight.