How to Choose Tires


Choosing the right tires for your car can be confusing. While they are one of the most expensive maintenance items on a car, they are also one of the most important ones. Here are some of the important things to keep in mind while choosing the best tires for your vehicle:

Original Tires vs. New Brands: It’s better to purchase the same set of tires that came with the car instead of a new brand, as the tires are specifically designed for your car. You’d have to do a lot of research before buying tires from a new brand.

Maintenance and comfort: Choose tires that are not only the right size but also help balance the maintenance and braking ability. The right tires reduce road noise and are important to ensure a smooth journey. 

Round the year tires: These types of tires are most popular. As the name suggests, one can use them throughout the year without needing to change them between seasons. They provide a good grip without compromising on the ride.

Winter Tires: Depending on your geographical location, you may need an extra set of tires to use during the winters. Winter tires are made of pliable rubber that gives the best performance in the season. They are designed with the capabilities to break the ice and pierce into the snow.

Summer Tires: These are best suited for sports cars, mainly while driving in extreme temperatures providing good grip on dry roads. It is made of a soft rubber compound which does not provide good results during the winter season, snow or in temperatures below 40 degrees.

Timing: Never wait for the tires to be completely worn out, instead here’s a hack to check the health of tires – the Penny test. Insert a quarter in the various tread grooves across the tire. If a certain part of Washington’s head is covered with the tread, then you probably don’t need new tires. If the face is completely visible, it means that the tire is worn out and will need to be replaced.