How to Find and Hire the Best Lawyer


There’s no shortage of good lawyers in the United States. However, given the number of practicing lawyers in the country, it can become difficult to find the right legal talent. Listed below are some of the best resources that are currently available to help you find the right lawyer.

Word-Of-Mouth Referrals

Word-of-mouth referrals from relatives, friends, and business associates can be the best way to go about finding a lawyer, especially given that the people recommending their choice of lawyer to you really have nothing to gain from it. That said, make sure to consider which area of law they practice in and check if you require legal aid in that particular area of law.

Local Bar Associations

Most city and county bar associations offer referral services to people. That said, keep in mind that these lawyers may not be screened for their qualifications. So, before you choose a lawyer, make sure to meet with them, and verify their credentials. Only hire them if it looks like they have had a relatively successful career.

Other Lawyers

Legal circles are quite small. So, if you know a lawyer, there’s a chance they will probably know another lawyer who can be of help to you. However, keep in mind that lawyers may receive a referral fee when they refer a particular case to a peer, which may influence their decision on whom to recommend. That said, if you have a trusted source, it can’t get better than this.

Martindale-Hubbell Legal Dictionary

Available at law libraries and local public libraries, the Martindale-Hubbel legal directory offers information on the legal profession. It also has an online lawyer locator service that can be especially useful.

Internet Resources

There are several for-profit directories that you can find online. These directories can help you find a suitable lawyer.

If you need to employ a lawyer’s services but can’t afford one, you can get in touch with the legal aid office in your city or town. These organizations provide pro bono legal aid to individuals from low-income households, provided it is a non-criminal matter. You can contact the nearest legal aid office by looking it up on the Internet or the white pages of your telephone directory.