How to Tweak Your Home to Help Manage Diabetes Better


Type 2 diabetes (the most common type) occurs when your body doesn’t make enough insulin or displays insulin resistance. A diagnosis can be devastating and managing your blood sugar can take a lot out of you. Besides, monitoring blood sugar, taking insulin shots, meal planning, and sticking to a strict exercise regimen can be overwhelming, exhausting, and lead to burnout. Studies show that your environment can have a positive impact on how you manage your condition. Here are a few tweaks you can make to your home that will give you a greater sense of control and help you stay on top of your treatment.


Getting a good night’s sleep is more crucial now than ever before. Poor sleep causes a spike in ghrelin, a hormone that controls hunger while simultaneously decreasing leptin levels, which is responsible for making you feel full. The imbalance in hormones makes you more likely to reach for a sugary snack at midnight. Prioritize good, restful sleep by using calming colors in furnishings and décor, getting rid of bright lights, keeping the temperature slightly cool, and buying a comfortable mattress. Switch off all electronics an hour before bedtime and keep an eye-mask and a glass of water on your nightstand.


The NIH advocates storing medication away from sinks, stoves, or hot appliances since these can change the chemical nature of their ingredients. Make sure your kitchen is stocked with regular medication like sugar-free cough syrup in case you fall sick. The kitchen is the place where you prepare, store, and even eat food. Arrange your fridge so that diabetes-friendly foods are at eye level. If you must have sweet treats in the house for the rest of your family, make sure you buy a variety that you don’t like so that you’re not tempted to indulge.

Home Office

Stress can cause your blood sugar to rise so keep your home office or workspace organized and clutter-free by corralling paperwork and clearing your desktop. You should also remember to keep the home office snack free. If you eat or snack while working, you are more likely to overeat. Keep a bottle of water on the desk and sip from it frequently to keep your kidneys at peak performance.