Top 5 Fashion Trends of This Year!


While trends may come and go, it’s a good idea to know what the top fashion trends are every year so you can update your wardrobe and outfit choices accordingly. Here’s our pick of the 5 best fashion trends of the year.

Disco Collars

The disco collar made a surprise comeback on the runways this year. They were used as part of coats, button-downs, and jackets. Most times, the collar itself was in a contrasting color, which made it really stand out. So, whether the disco collar is on a white blazer or a trench coat, it will certainly add to your style appeal. It’s best that you keep the other elements of your outfit neutral and minimalistic, so the disco collar is what catches everyone’s eyes.


Another trend that has made a cool comeback this year has been crochet, in the form of feminine dresses, evening wear, and polished suiting. And, given that this trend essentially embraces a handmade technique, there is something really special about this. So, go ahead and invest in some classy crochet pieces of clothing that you can dress up in and finally pass down to the next generation.

Hot Pants

Hot pants, also known as short shorts, made a huge comeback on the runways this year. From knit shorts to denim cutoffs, all types of hot pants have been seen on runways. If you do decide to wear a pair of hot pants, you may want to consider balancing it out with a jacket or a top with long sleeves.


Highlighter-inspired neon outfits have also graced the Spring 2022 runway. While these pieces of clothing are anything but subtle, they can work wonderfully well when paired with neutral shades like white, black, or tan.


Who knew bermudas would become the next big fashion trend? Some of the world’s best designers have added a twist to classic suiting by embracing bermuda bottoms. What’s great about bermudas is that they will help you transition your look effortlessly from day to night. That said, wearing bermudas in a corporate setting can be tricky. If you know that you can pull them off at work, you may want to stick to darker colors and pair them with a smart button-down.

Regardless of which trends you choose to embrace this year, ensure that it complements your overall style!