Your Search for Cheap Car Insurance Ends Here!


One of the best possible ways to get cheap car insurance is by comparing car insurance quotes and the companies offering them. We’ve looked at car insurance prices across the US for various driver profiles and coverage levels to get the cheapest rates. We have sliced the data in different ways to give you an idea of the average prices and what factors might bump up your car insurance price or lower it down.

Here’s a list of average annual car insurance rates for the six largest auto insurers among all states in the country. (Rates are for the policies that include liability, collision, comprehensive, and uninsured/underinsured driver coverages, along with any other coverage needed in an individual state. To get these rates, we made a “reliable driver” profile who is a 40-year-old person with no moving breaches and credit in the “good” tier.)

  1. Geico: $1,198.
  2. State Farm: $1,511.
  3. Progressive: $1,766.
  4. Liberty Mutual: $1,778.
  5. Allstate: $1,834.
  6. Farmers: $1,865.

More Average Annual Prices from Prominent Car Insurance Firms

Based on your location, the car insurance rates could fluctuate. Here is a list of average auto insurance rates for additional driver types.

Company         Good driver with lousy credit     Drivers with a recent at-fault accident      Min.coverage

Geico                                    $1,746                                                           $1,887                                                         $479

State Farm                             $3,113                                                           $1,969                                                         $625

Progressive                           $3,239                                                           $2,982                                                        $775

Liberty Mutual                    $2,498                                                           $2,838                                                        $899

Allstate                                    $2,906                                                           $2,903                                                        $785

Low Prices from Small Insurers

To find cheap car insurance doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stick with big insurance firms. Local and small insurers may strike the lowest car insurance rates and often have excellent customer service.

Here are the annual average prices of some smaller car insurance companies.

  1. Grange: $606 per year.
  2. Erie: $836 per year.
  3. Secura: $873 per year.
  4. Cincinnati Insurance: $969 per year.
  5. Country Financial: $1,137 per year.

Here Are Some Tips that Could Help You Save on Your Policy

  1. Check for discounts: There could be discounts which you might not be aware of, so it is better to ask directly.
  2. Review insurance limits and deductibles: A higher collision and comprehensive deductible make sense only if you rarely drive or are financially stable.